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in the beginning of the year 2017 there were 3,568 Filipinos (born in the Philippines) living in Finland (394 more than the previous year). Of those, 2,756 were females and 1,206 were males. Also of them, 3,003 remained as Philippine citizens, 776 had double citizenship (Sources: Finland Statistics, Finnish Immigration Service.)

First Filipinos immigrated in the 1970s. The immigration increased towards the end of the 1980s and the1990s, when several tens of immigrants settled here every year.

Source: Finland Statistics.

Filipinos in Finland have been a very female dominated group of immigrants: nearly 80 percent of them were women until early 2000's. The persentage of women is now slowly decreasing, and was 70,4 % in the beginning of year 2013. Previously, the "males" in statistics were mostly boy children and only a few of them grown-up male migrants.

Most Filipinas have come via marriage, and a minority immigrated as workers of foreign embassies and diplomat families. A majority of Filipinos live in Southern Finland and in main cities, particularly in the national capital area (more than 60%), where they can meet other Filipinos in the Catholic Church and other favorite spots. Those who live in the countryside have more problems because of loneliness and isolation.

After the Finnish alien politics changed 2004, also the amount of immigrating Filipinos started increasing, among them more men than previously. For instance, in the year 2007 immigrated 114 Filipinos with a work permit, more than 50 % of them being males. In the year 2008 already immigrated 208 with work permit. They have settled in a variety of different jobs, but mostly in care-giving, cleaning, cooking and so on.

Usually Filipinos find jobs a bit more easily than many other migrant groups. Relatively high education, English skills, and Finnish relatives and friends who can help them in finding jobs are their best advantages. However, in Finland it is not easy to find job without knowing Finnish language.

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Filipino foods in Finland

Lorna's Asian Store

Open every day in net. All kinds of Asian food products. You can either come and pick your foods in the store or order by mail.

Lorna Oy
Korppitie 28 A
01450 VANTAA

Tel. 040-7408222


Vii Voan
(Vii-Voan Ngyen Thi Phuc T:mi)
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Asian Food Market
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02760 ESPOO
puh. +358-45-657 9247

ma-pe 10-20
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su suljettu

Asian Market
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tel/fax 02-733 5757
040- 842 3244 Wirat (Thai/eng)
0400 435 435 Esa (Suomi/eng)

Philmart Oy
Brahenkatu 12
20100 TURKU

Siam House
Keisarinviitta 20 A,
33960 Pirkkala (close to TAMPERE airport and ABC in Pirkkala)
NB! Foods are also sold by Internet.
Tel: 0400 851 631 (thai)
0400 861 872 (suomi)
Fax: 03 368 5322


Finnish - Filipino/Tagalog - Finnish dictionary

A new and larger dictionary with around 30 000 entries available. Please, ask / order (price 30 Euros + possible mail costs): Riitta Vartti,,

tel. 040 8454 794.

Finnish courses

Finnish for Filipinos: Sabihin Mo Ito Sa Finnish - Sano se suomeksi, look at page kielikurssit.html

Read here about Finland and find more information on Finnish lessons:

Finnish lessons for immigrants in capital area you can find also in this address

Multicultural Women's Support

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attempted target of violence?
Are you unsure of what you should do? Is
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Don't remain alone! Contact us! You have
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MoNaTuki Multicultural Women's Support
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Voimavarakeskus MONIKA - Tawagan Panagigipit

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Dayuhang Babae

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